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● I understand that once an adoption fee is paid in full, that fee is non refundable.
● I understand that the dog I am adopting is a rescue and that TXCR has done their due diligence in properly vetted said dog. Any and all medical care after adoption is solely my responsibility and TXCR has no responsibility in the future vetting or care of this animal after adoption.
● My adopted TXCR dog will NOT under any circumstances live outdoors
● My adopted TXCR dog will continue to be on flea and heartworm medication as well as have their yearly vaccines at my expense.
● I agree to contact TXCR if my adopted dog goes missing or if I wish to relinquish the dog. I understand that if I am no longer able to care for my TXCR adopted dog, that I will contact TXCR immediately. I will not sell or give away my TXCR dog.
● I understand that the health, age, nature, or temperament of the TXCR adopted dog is not guaranteed. I understand that said dog is a rescue that has come from the streets or shelters and there is no history on this animal.
● I agree to hold TXCR and all volunteers harmless and under no accountability for any liability or damage. TXCR is not liable for loss, damage to personal property or harm to any person or animal.
● I agree that I am submitting my application through electronically entering my information and typing of my name above serves as agreement and release of all conditions stated