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Indemnity Clause: The undersigned person(s) hereby expressly agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Texas Chihuahua Rescue, Inc, and its directors, officers, employees and agents, from and against any suits, actions, claims, losses, liabilities, damages, or costs the Company incurs or may incur for any reason arising out of or related to, directly or indirectly, the adoption or release of any animal to the undersigned by the Company or the surrender and release of any animal by the undersigned to the Company. A foster has the responsibility and liability for the dog while in foster care, this includes public places, the foster home and everywhere the foster takes the dog. Keeping the dog and any other party safe and secure by having the dog always on appropriate collar, harness, leash etc. and keeping yard/property secure with appropriate fencing and gates so the dog cannot escape. The foster agrees not to leave a dog unattended or untethered or unleashed outside, or out of eyesight and to avoid loss situations arising out of or related to while the dog is in foster care. Please sign below stating you have read and understood all terms of this application as listed. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you make the decision you would like to ‘adopt’ the dog as your own, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY TO SIGN AN ADOPTION CONTRACT – we understand that this happens and are glad to work it out with you and the dog. Please understand that if you have not asked to adopt the dog before we get an approved application, that we will adopt the dog to approved application and cannot adopt the dog to you. We appreciate your interest to foster one of our dogs our ultimate goal is to find a perfect match for our dog and you. A PERFECT MATCH is placing our dogs in a foster home, where the foster will provide a healthy, safe, secure and loving environment and where the dog is able to live until adopted out. Fostering requires caring for physically or medical needs that will be provided, if necessary (e.g. medication will be administered or training). The completed Foster Application is a contract, therefore all provided information in this application must be answered correctly. Completing the application is not an approval to become a foster. When you get the approval to foster the dog, you are taking over the responsibility and liability for all incidents that might occur while the dog is in your care and the rescue cannot be held responsible for. A foster is not allowed to make commitments to give the dog to another party, list the dog in any public forum or paper, turn it into a shelter or adopt it out on their own. The rescue has to be notified immediately if something happens to the dog, if it becomes, sick, lost, stolen or injured. Without the rescue’s approval, no expenses spent for the dog are refundable.