Our Story

May 22, 2015

A group of compassionate animal lovers started Texas Chihuahua Rescue

At that time we had 22 dogs in the rescue. Fast forward to today and we are rescuing over a hundred dogs a month. TXCR started a wonderful partnership with our Canadian team shortly after founding our rescue. Today we are transporting 30 plus adopted dogs to Canada and the NE every 3 weeks. Hundreds of dogs get adopted here at our home base in Texas as well. 

Although we are “Texas Chihuahua Rescue”, we take in several different small and toy breed dogs. Occasionally, even a large breed dog slips in and is named an honorary chi.  The need to save animals in South Texas is staggering. TXCR takes in the small, the blind, the deaf, the weak, the old, the pregnant, the abandoned, the abused the behaviorally challenged and of course, some of the cutest and best dogs anyone could ever ask for. We strive to be a part of our community and a part of the solution. 

Through an amazing team of volunteers and some of the best adopters we can ever ask for, our rescued furkids get the best medical care and a family that adores them. TXCR is here to help small dogs live big dreams. 

Tamie Parker

Director, Texas Chihuahua Rescue

Texas Chihuahua Rescue (TXCR) is a foster-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in San Antonio, TX.