Texas Chihuahua Rescue started in 2015 with less than 60 dogs in our care. Fast forward to 2018 and we have saved over a thousand lives. TXCR adopted out 697 dogs in 2017 and we have a goal of 850 dogs for 2018. We truly can not reach this goal without your help. We could never have imagined our little Chi rescue would grow the way it has. It saddens all of us that there is such a need to rescue small breed dogs. TXCR will continue to strive to be the best we can be, to give our dogs the best medical care possible, to be a part of our community and shelters, and continue to find these fur kids the most amazing adopters we have been so blessed to come across. Our journey is long, and it is full of potholes and speed bumps. With an amazing team of fosters, supporters, and volunteers, we will rise up every day to be a shining light for our dogs. Please take this journey with us, it is not always easy, but to every dog saved, it is so worth it!

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